I am currently an Assistant Researcher at Institute for AI Industry Research (AIR). I received my PhD degree and Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, both from Peking University. I had also worked as a Visiting PhD Student at Carnegie Mellon University. Before joining AIR, I was a Senior Researcher in the Systems Research Group at Microsoft Research Asia.

My research interest lies in the area of Edge Systems/Applications with AI. I’ve published in premier venues of mobile computing, artificial intelligence, and software engineering, including a best paper nomination in UbiComp 2016 and a best paper in IS-EUD 2017. Some of the papers have become popular open-source tools (DroidBot, PrivacyStreams, Humanoid, etc.) in the area.

I’m recently enthusiastic about building EdgeLLM (large language models at the edge) and MobileAgent (intelligent personal agents on mobile devices) powered by EdgeLLM. Check out our position & survey paper.

Recent News of My Team

Our team is recruiting PostDocs, research engineers, and interns. Please feel free to contact me if you are interested.

Summary of My Research